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My friend gleet has set up a community called showyrscrabble, where you can post photos of your Scrabble games. Perhaps this here community should be renamed Hide Your Scrabble...

However, I have glorious news - I won a game of Scrabble a few weeks ago! For the first time in living memory! Partly because my friends were playing with highly controversial rules where the double letter score, double word and so on count even when you're just building a word from a tile which already happens to be on one of these squares. This offended my boyfriend so much that he refused to play, but too bad. So there is hope for everyone! Scrabble success CAN be attained, if only for a fleeting instant! Hooray!
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Advice from an expert.

While I'm here, the very very good Scrabble player publicansdecoy once gave me the following advice, which might help if I could bear it in mind:

"Winning at Scrabble always requires a bit of luck no matter who you're playing. Always try and keep the rack balanced (oo-er) between consonants and vowels. Try not to use an S for less than 30 points (unless you have several on your rack. NEVER change an S) and try not to use a blank for less than 50 points. Always look for the seven/eight letter words, try and keep the letters from RETAINS on your rack as you look for one, as these are the most bonus-friendly ones (There are 11 seven letter words you can make from those letters). If you find yourself ahead, try and close down the board so [your opponent] doesn't have anywhere to put a bonus down himself. Also, tease him and distract him constantly in any way you can..."
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Hello new members! I demand sympathy!

Excellent, the bad Scrabble players are coming out of the closet now. I am currently in the middle of a game of E-Scrabble where I am over 170 points behind and keep playing words with tiny, tiny scores right next to the triple word score squares so that my opponent can trounce me all the better. And yet I still keep challenging people to games. Tell me, am I secretly some kind of masochist who likes to be BEATEN LIKE A DOG?
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My name is Jo and I am bad at Scrabble. I've filled my own journal with tales of my woes over the last week - I lost two games of e-Scrabble by over 100 points and am about to lose a third, and was trashed completely at a fourth (251 points behind! Whimper!) but I can't take the public humiliation any more. Is anyone up for a gentle, non-competitive game of e-Scrabble when I get back from my holidays next week? If so, qosephine at gmail dot com please...